The NonHazCity Building Award is the first policy prize recognizing best policies in construction in the Baltic Sea Region at national, regional or local level. It aims is to highlight policies protecting people and the environment from hazardous chemicals in buildings, integrating circularity, toxic-free & climate neutrality. The aim of the award is to inspire citizens, decision- makers and business and to showcase innovative solutions. The World Future Council co-ordinates and bestows the award.

Chemistry is vital in construction for time management, quality and sustainability. In Europe, there’s a focus on eco-friendly practices, such as using local, low-carbon materials, emphasizing insultation and renewable energy. To support future reuse, construction materials should be low in harmful substances, documented for recyclers.



Policies, laws and legal frameworks that help create a tox-free, circular and climate neutral building environment encompassing existing and new buildings, refurbishments and extensions.

Laws, policies, frameworks, standards, guidelines and action plans for buildings can be either national, subnational, regional or local in nature and can:

· The Gold Award is for policies that proof identifiable improvements;

· The Silver Award for policies showing policy progress;

· All candidates should be replicable under similar circumstances.

Questions to answer:

Non-toxic: Is there full knowledge about chemicals/composition of construction materials, is smart procurement used or other policies/standards protecting humans and environment from toxic substances?

Circularity – Is there a policy incentivising a smart use of existing structures as much as possible, flexibility for a long lifetime, creating the feedstock material for future circularity?

Climate change: Construction material: Is carbon positive material from the region used?

Call for Nominations

To facilitate the process, we have developed a template that you will find in the call for nominations. We kindly request you to send your nomination(s) to Mecki Neschke, Anyone may nominate up to three acts, laws, policies, national action plans, programmes, decrees or ordinances of a state, region or municipality.


The Selection Process

The research team from the World Future Council will evaluate the nominated policies and prepare a report for the jury with candidates. A regional jury of experts will select the winner(s).

The Award Ceremony

The winner(s) of the Non Haz City Building Award will be celebrated at a high-level award ceremony in 2025 in Riga hosted by Riga City Council. The award ceremony will be convened by the WFC in partnership with the City Council of Tallin and Riga and Baltic Environment Forum (Germany, Estonia and Latvia).


The World Future Council brings the interests of future generations to the centre of law and policy making. The Council addresses challenges to our common future and identifies and promotes effective legislative and policy solutions among decision makers. 

The NonHazCity 3 project focuses on the building sector and involves architects, construction companies, consultants, municipalities, and private individuals in the project.

The NonHazCity 3 project addresses the link between circular economy, climate neutrality and smart procurement in building materials. More than 20 partner entities from eight different countries across the Baltic Sea Region are learning from collaboration with each other to raise awareness of hazardous substances in construction material. The project is led jointly by Riga City Council and the NGO Baltic Environmental Forum BEF.