All you need to know about hazardous substances in daily life

and how to make safer choices

It all starts with awareness

We are all exposed to a variety of hazardous substances through everyday consumer goods. These are mainly man-made chemical substances whose specific properties make it difficult to predict the effects of long-term exposure on our health and the environment. Due to their widespread use, hazardous substances cannot, of course, be completely avoided, but each of us can do something to protect the environment and the health of ourselves and our loved ones. On this website you will find information about hazardous substances and tips on how to avoid them. Take care of yourself – think before you buy!


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Check(ED) yourself:
Endocrine Disruptors (EDs) exposure analyzer

Plastics and the hidden threat to your health

Plastic is pervasive in our lives. Food packaging, clothing, furnishings etc. are made of plastic. However, plastic can contain numerous toxic and hormonally active chemicals. We take in these hazardous substances through respiration, skin contact and the food chain and thereby endanger our health. In order to save our health, we need to reduce our use of plastics!


How to check your home for hazardous substances and live a toxic-free life

Our guidebook will lead you room by room through your house and will show you how to do that.


Do you know how many hazardous substances you use every day?


How can municipalities help to minimise emissions of chemicals?


What can your company do for cleaner and safer environment?