We are glad to announce that on Thursday, 05.11.2020, at 14 o’clock CET, we will be doing an online household check at Agnès Monfret´s home. Agnès is the Head of Communications at The Commission’s Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy (DG REGIO). We are happy that she volunteered during the Interreg Project Slam Grand Finale 2020 to do the NonHazCity check in her home.

Agnes was so thrilled by the NonHazCity performance that she could not resist to be the first person to try out our new guidebook. The guidebook is enabling everyone in an easy way to check their own household for hazardous substances: detect their sources and think about which ones to eliminate. It´s a new tool to green your home and your household and find out about better alternatives for our health and the environment.

We, the NonHazCity team from Baltic Environmental Forum Germany, will consult Agnes during the livestream and walk virtually with her through her rooms, trying to unveil sources of potential hazardous substances.

The event will be held on Thursday, 05.11.2020 from 14 until 16 o’clock CET and it will take place through Facebook Live. A Facebook account is not needed to follow the streaming. You just have to connect to our Facebook account at the given time.

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