The upcoming conference aims to unite cities from the Baltic Sea Region and beyond, fostering the exchange of best practices and discussions on the challenges of transitioning to green governance.

With Green Public Procurement as a central theme, the conference recognizes its vital role in implementing green governance and promoting sustainable consumption and production. Local governments possess significant potential to achieve sustainability goals through their procurement processes, particularly by ensuring they are not just climate-neutral but also circular and free from harmful toxins. During the event, the first-ever NonHazCity Award for tox-free, circular and climate-neutral buildings and building processes at municipalities will be launched.

The event aims to bring together local authorities, business actors and all the other individuals who are interested in green governance topics. It will provide a valuable networking opportunity for Green Cities, facilitating collaboration and mutual learning.

The program and additional information can be found here.

This event is organised by the City of TallinnStockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre and Baltic Environmental Forum Estonia and it´s part of the Tallinn Greentech Week programme.

Location: Tallinna Kultuurikatel – Creative Hub of Tallinn

The conference is co-funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme.