On the 19-20 October, the European Commission is hosting the 5th Annual Forum on endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) where we introduced LIFE Chembee project.

The European Commission needs to urgently protect people and the environment from exposure to hazardous chemicals. On the 19th of October, Dr Aleksandra Rutkowska presented LIFE ChemBee project and our tool – the CheckED app during session 4 on National, regional, and local initiatives of the 5th Annual Forum on endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in Brussels.

EDCs are commonly present in everyday life today. They can impact human health and pollute the indoor and outdoor environment, leading to disruption of wildlife. Their carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic, and endocrine-disruptive properties can increase the risk of such lifestyle diseases as obesity, infertility, and cancer. We had a chance to illustrate our mission, which is to empower volunteers to become the driving force behind a healthier, safer world.

Dr. Aleksandra introduced our Life Chembee and its tool https://check-ed.eu/ as an innovative instrument to detoxify European houses. Only in a few minutes, anyone can get personalized results and recommendations tailored to individual lifestyles and habits and keep people and the planet healthier. She left us with a very important message:

Your life does not get better by CHANCE, its getting better by CHANGE“.

Our daily choices impact our environment, and the environment affects our health. Dr Aleksandra has shown today that as individuals we have a choice!

“Because taking actions right now, can prevent development of diseases in future generations”

Aleksandra Rutkowska

Thank you very much to the European Commission for inviting us to speak, it was a big pleasure.

Life Chembee