In the framework of the the LIFE Chembee project, Dr. Aleksandra Rutkowska and Dr. Aleksandra Olsson are your guides to empower you with science-based solutions and practical tips. Together, let’s embark on a mission to make healthier choices, foster a safer environment, and create a lasting impact for generations to come. It’s not about perfection; it’s about progress, and we’re excited to have you join us on this extraordinary journey.

Photo credit: © Dr Aleksandra Rutkowska

I’m dr Aleksandra Rutkowska, a scientist (biotechnologist with faculty of molecular medicine), and inventor. I help people to protect their health and the environment via ready-to-use solutions based on molecular medicine, environmental endocrinology, and health promotion.

Best greetings from beautiful Sobieszewo Island in the north of Poland, surrounded by the Vistula River from 3 sides and the Baltic Sea from one side. I live there, among the forests, with my family, three house wolves (German Shepherds), and wild, fury friends: moose, beavers, seals, and numerous protected birds.

My daily choices and routine are based on scientific knowledge and focus on eliminating harmful substances. All to protect wildlife,  their natural habitats, and our health, as we – humans are united with nature as one.

Hej! It’s not a typo but a Swedish greeting “hello” that I use every day since I’ve recently moved to a house in the southernmost (and greenest) part of Sweden, the stunning region Scania (Skåne).

I’m a mom of an energetic two-year-old so I do my best to create a safe home which currently is full of questions, cooking, and food tasting. As a dietitian, I share tips on how to eat less-waste, free from harmful substances, and in general – a bit healthier.

Sharing knowledge is my passion and I patiently answer any question. Especially those about simple solutions and choices that step by step will get you closer to a healthier lifestyle.

My goal is to spread the knowledge that I have and use on a daily basis. To share science-based solutions that I’ve already tested and implemented in my lifestyle. All to contribute to a healthier society and safer environment for us and future generations.

Together, we support you in making healthier choices regardless of the country you’re from and your current lifestyle. We will share ideas that you can implement with a little effort and that will consequently protect your health and nature. It might sound like a revolution, but we believe that many imperfect actions are better than one that seems flawless.

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