International seminar in Turku

On 30th and 31st of May representatives from municipalities of Baltic Sea region and beyond were invited to the international seminar “Reduction of Hazardous Substances from urban sources – strategies, tools and incentives municipalities can implement” that was held on in Turku, Finland.

Intensive two-day event with hands-on workshops looked into different ways and tools to reduce chemical loading in urban areas. Conclusions from substance screening and source tracking at Stockholm, Västarås, Turku, Pärnu, Riga, Kaunas, Šilalė and Gdańsk were presented.

Furthermore, it was discussed why and how strategic approach and action plans could be set up and how public procurement could be used as a direct measure for the municipality to reduce the use of target substances in its premises. Requirements, practical and legal implications were discussed.

Last but not least, communication with business sector – technical solutions, monetary and non-monetary incentives, but also with inhabitants – barriers and opportunities for behaviour change, was part of the seminar discussion.

Top chemical experts, researchers and key organisations, as well as municipalities themselves, were sharing their knowledge and experiences. Thank you for your contribution!