On 23-24 of March 2021 the XXI International Environmental Forum “Baltic Sea Day” takes place in Russia, Saint-Petersburg, EXPOFORUM Convention-and-exhibition centre.

This year NonHazCity will be also present at the event thanks to Heidrun Fammler (Baltic Environmental Forum Deutschland e.V) who will present the NonHazCity approach to reduction of hazardous substances in products and articles from everyday urban uses

The Forum Agenda is focused on updating the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan and revising targets until 2030, as well as project activities in the Baltic region, including cross-border cooperation programs and the INTERREG Baltic Region Program. The panel discussion on the implementation of the HELCOM Action Plan for the Baltic Sea is being worked out from the point of view of the region-wide process of updating this document and its subsequent implementation until 2030 from the point of view of various participants in the process (authorities, business, scientific organizations). As part of the work of expert workshops and round tables, various issues will be discussed and draft programs are available below.

More information on the event’s website.

You can watch the presentation here: