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Plastic use in school cafeterias in Västerås – Think before you buy

During 2020 the city of Västerås has carried out a plastic diet project. The project has had several focus areas. One such area is certain kitchen utensils that contain hazardous substances.

In order to find out which such kitchen utensils are used within the city functions an inventory of municipal school restaurant has been accomplished.

As a result of the inventory the school restaurants have started a substitution process to exchange items with hazardous substances to better alternatives. Products that are exchanged are at first non-stick frying-pans, spatulas and serving cutlery.

Single use items and plastic film are two other focus areas in the plastic diet. This kind of products are not widely used in school restaurants. Plastic food packaging is a great source of waste because most of the food that is prepared is packaged in plastic packaging. The waste is sent for recycling according to Swedish regulations.

Plastic utensils and serving cutlery will be exchanged to stainless steel.