Christmas is the season to be jolly. A time full of happiness and joy. It’s the time to reach out to your close ones and spend time with the family. A time for peace and contemplation. However, all of these things often get lost in the holiday hustle and bustle, when we are getting frustrated looking for the perfect gifts or running out of time to prepare the home for celebration.
We are hoping to change all of this by guiding you through the difficult decisions and helping you make healthy choices also during Christmas. On Monday, November 26 we start with our social media campaign #ThinkBeforeYouBuy about harmful substances in products in Christmas time. During 23 days we will inform you about this topic and we will give you some tips about what you could do better when doing your Christmas shopping and preparing for the holidays!
This campaign is run within the framework of the NonHazCity project and in cooperation with: @bef.deutschland @coalitioncleanbaltic @beflatvia @Неруш @ecopartnerstvo @Giftfrittstockholm @giftfrittvasteras @PKEGdansk @EkoAgora @nonhazcity @miastonadetoksie @alhem @eestirohelineliikumine @Lietuvos Gamtos Fondas @KaliningradskoeDvizenieZelenaaPlaneta
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