The City of Västerås kick-started a Plastic Diet on the 6th of February 2020.

Now, the city is on its way to develop a wide set of activities to minimize plastics and hazardous substances of all different kinds in the city, for example, single-use plastics at events and cigarette butts on the streets.

NonHazCity is a big supporter of these activities!

Representatives of the project thoroughly inspected the mayor´s office of Västerås for plastics and hazardous substances and were impressed by the already very environmentally friendly setting.

The launch of the Plastic Diet was accompanied by a plastic seminar. NonHazCity presented the issue of plastics as a vector for hazardous substances as well as experiences and activities from European cities that already took the challenge to combat the plastic problem. The city of Västerås gave insights into their first planned activities and their strategy to move forward. The seminar participants agreed that combating plastic must go much farther than banning single-use plastics. The seminar was followed by about 40 politicians and municipality staff members – including the major and the deputy major – that are ready to make the needed changes. Six of the attendees even promised to go on a private plastic diet. For sure, NonHazCity will keep you updated!