Today is the first day of a two-day virtual event to mark the nearing of the end of the project NonHazCity2.

NonHazCity is cooperating for this event with several other projects that are working on solutions for optimized water and chemicals risk management in the Baltic Sea Region: BEST, BSR Water, HAZBREF, FanpLESStic-Sea, NOAH, MEDWater, ChemClimCircle, Change(K)now! and AskREACH. We are glad to have them participating in the programme of the event.

During these two days there will be 4 sessions focusing on different topics in hazardous substance management. The first session will depict water management and occurrence of Hazardous Substances in the aquatic environment. The second session includes presentations about industrial waste water management and chemicals risk management tools for industry.

On the second day we will discuss what can Municipalities do. Finally we will talk about the different aspects of plastic: microplastics, hazardous substances in articles & products, circularity and climate impact.

You can see the agenda here.