The overall aim of the project NonHazCity project was to decrease release of hazardous substances (HS) to the Baltic Sea by developing Chemical Action Plans (CAPs) in the partner municipalities. The structured efforts described in a politically accepted CAP can serve as a blueprint for measures to reduce HS release through progressive actions taken within the municipality organisation with a long term perspective. The individual action plans are written in the national languages of the participating municipalities with a summary in English, which are presented together with links to more information, in the report “Baltic Cities Chemical Action Plans” .
The CAPs developed in the partner municipalities of NonHazCity were based on the experiences from the project activities, both those within the municipal organisation as well as those directed at enterprises and private households. The reports providing a basis for the development of the CAPs, including information about the partners and pilot activities in the municipalities, are present on the information materials section of this webpage together with a lot of other information materials produced within the project.